STUDIO GHIBLI Collection | 21 Movies / 19 mit englischer Synchro | 7-DVD-Set

STUDIO GHIBLI Collection | 21 Movies / 19 mit englischer Synchro | 7-DVD-Set
STUDIO GHIBLI Collection | 21 Movies / 19 mit englischer Synchro | 7-DVD-Set
Verpackungsbeispiele: Slim Case Normal Case Panel Hard Cover Case Metal Case Drama Box Case INFORMATION IN ENGLISH / WORLDWIDE SHIPPING Foreword: Dear customers, every country has own laws and regulations regarding purchases from abroad.
It is impossible for us to know them all.
Since there might be additional costs (taxes or customs) please be so kind and check out yourself the rules that apply to your location.Beware of counterfeit DVDs!
eBay is currently flooded by private accounts from Malaysia that sell sets of large Anime series for unbelievable prices.
Ask yourself how it should be possible to sell, for example, a Sailor Moon Collection for about 22 Euro including shipping, when the net cost price is already 15 Euros and the shipping, eBay fee and PayPal fee alone cost another 10 Euro?
Not to mention other basic business costs...
Right, it's impossible!
That also applies for many other series, like Bleach, Dragon Ball, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, Yu Gi Oh and many more.
Please don't support these forgers!
Basic Information regarding our DVDs: Here you are buying the above mentioned Anime DVD set.
Of course the DVDs are new and originally sealed.
Please check out all further information like summary, picture format and kind of used DVD at the back of the cover scan.
This keeps this article?s description short...
If you nevertheless still have questions don?t hesitate to send me an email.CONDITION:The DVD sets are of course new and usually originally sealed.
Please check out the pictures above to get an impression of the quality of our wares.AUTHENTICITY:We sell only original DVDs that we bought right from the producers.
All come with a legal Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and are approved by the competent authorities in Malaysia.AVAILABILITY:Actually we only offer items that are in fact available.
But based on the sheer number of titles and the space between our business location in Luxembourg and our storage location in Malaysia it may sometimes occur than an item is not in stock.
In such a case we will of course reimburse the payment immediately and try to send the item as soon as possible when it is in stock again.
Please don´t be sour in such a case, these inventory problems cannot be prevented.
*Sigh*PICTURE QUALITY:Newer series have of course a good picture quality.
But please consider that screen resolution and screen format of elderly series are contemporary and can´t be compared with latest productions.
While watching with modern HD televisions there might be slight problems when the set is trying to boost the picture quality.
But this has nothing to do with the DVDs themselves.LANGUAGE:Almost all our DVDs are in original Japanese language with English subtitles.
If there is also English dubbing this will be marked with English Audio!
in the article´s title and can also be seen on the back cover scan.FORMATE:The DVDs are codefree and regionfree so they can be played with any DVD player.
The only exception might be game consoles and other players that are set on PAL since the DVDs are in NTSC.
Please make you are Using a player suitable for NTSC.TOPIC CENSORSHIP:Almost all series are uncut, with the exception of some Etchi titles.
Please be aware that these DVDs are actually produces for the Asian market where there are often strict laws against liberal sexual contents.
So some of the titles maybe slightly cut to avoid problems with the local censorship.
However the so designated "Uncut" versions are in fact uncut.
If you should have any further questions don't hesitate to send me an email.
I will answer as quickly as possible, except Sundays of course :-) Payment and Shipping: PAYMENT:You can either pay using PayPal or by bank transfer to our German bank account.
We do no offer other payment methods.IF USING BANK TRANSFER:Please consider that if transferring the payment by bank it might take a few days until booking (= payment).
Of course the shipping date will be a little later then.DISPATCH:The DVDs will be dispatched a day or two after your purchase.SHIPPING METHOD:This item will be sent as a registered DHL parcel.
Since this costs (including tracking) 11,19 Euros we have to charge additional 5,00 Euros PER SHIPMENT (not per item!) compared to the prices valid for Germany.
We don?t want to enrich ourselves with shipping fees, these are real costs.
After the dispatch you will receive the tracking number immediately.PACKAGING:This item will be sent in a cardboard box to avoid damages.DELIVERY TIME:This International Saving Shipment will take about 7 working days.
But be aware that shipments to remote places will possibly take longer than that depending on your location and the quality of your local postal service.
Anyway, we cannot influence the speed of the delivery, all we can do is to dispatch the goods as soon as possible.
So please be fair and don't hold us responsible for problems not caused by us but by DHL themselves.
Our (almost) perfect feedback should show you that we are honest and reliable people.
That doesn´t mean we don´t make mistakes sometimes like everybody else but it proves that we solve problems in the customer´s best interest.
So if any problem may occur let´s find a solution in a peaceful and friendly manner!
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